Hyeri and Yoona meet once a year? The relationship and personality of 2 idol-actresses 

The conversation between two famous actresses from idol groups when they met is drawing a lot of attention. 

On January 14th, Yoona’s official YouTube channel posted behind-the-scenes videos of the 2022 MBC Drama Awards and the 2022 MBC Song Festival (Gayo Daejeon). In particular, on December 30th of last year, Yoona won a grand prize at the MBC Drama Awards with “Big Mouth”, while on the 31st, she attended the MBC Song Festival as an MC for 8 consecutive years. 

yoona 2022 mbc drama awards

In the video, Yoona can be seen taking a group photo with the winners at the MBC Drama Awards ceremony. Afterwards, she spent time with Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung, leaving various shared pictures and greeting fans.

As Yoona was giving her final greeting, Hyeri appeared behind the idol-actress and called her “sister”. The two patted each other on the shoulder and encouraged each other, saying they had worked hard.

Afterwards, Hyeri made Yoona laugh by saying, “Great job for being so pretty.” Meanwhile, Yoona took care of her junior by saying, “Everyone, please come watch Hyeri’s YouTube too.”

yoona hyeri

Then, Yoona said, “See you next year”, to which Hyeri, who was leaving, responded, “See you next year” and “We always see each other once a year”. 

Yoona and Hyeri have one thing in common: they became active in acting after debuting with Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) and Girl’s Day, respectively.

yoona hyeri

The last day of 2022 was the day Yoona went on stage as an MC for MBC Song Festival. In the car traveling to the venue, Yoona said, “After today, It will be the new year. I don’t know what I’ve done, but a year is already gone. Actually, I did a lot this year. This year was really busy. Around this time last year, I was filming (Big Mouth). After the broadcast was over, I received an award. I’m filming a new drama now. I made a comeback for SNSD’s 15th anniversary, and also shot the movie for ‘2 O’clock Date’.”

yoona hyeri

On the other hand, Yoona is in the middle of filming for the JTBC drama “King the Land”, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. Meanwhile, she has finished filming for “2 O’Clock Date”, and expectations are high for the movie’s release. 

yoona hyeri

Source: wikitree

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