From Nagoya to the World: The Story of Rei, IVE’s Rising Star (2024 Updated)

Dive into the world of Rei, IVE's rapping powerhouse! Explore her journey from Japan to K-Pop stardom, & discover her hidden talents beyond rapping

Who is IVE Rei?

Rei’s real name is Naoi Rei (直井れい) born on February 3, 2004, in Anan, Tokushima, Japan. She is known as a Japanese singer and rapper living in South Korea. Currently, Rei is a member of the girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment, debuting in 2021 at the age of 17.

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Rei’s Biography

  • Stage name: Rei (레이)
  • Real name: Naoi Rei (直井れい/ 나오이 레이)
  • Korean name: Kim Rei (김레이)
  • Position: Rapper, Singer
  • Date of birth: 3/2/2004
  • Height: 1m69
  • Weight: Not available
  • Blood type: AB
  • Nationality: Japanese

More Information

Rei is the fifth member announced by the company and the only Japanese member of the girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment. She has short black hair that reaches her shoulders, exuding confidence and allure. Many have remarked that her appearance is a combination of actress Kim Tae Ri from “The Handmaiden” and TWICE member Jeongyeon. Currently, Rei holds the position of rapper and vocalist in the group. She is also studying at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) with a focus on applied music.

Rei’s career journey and famous songs, MVs

Rei’s career journey began when she joined Starship Entertainment. Specifically:

Rei debuted with the girl group IVE in December 2021


After passing Starship Entertainment’s audition, Rei moved to Seoul, South Korea, and became a trainee. At that time, her Korean language skills were not proficient, but she still made efforts not to use translation. On November 6, 2021, Rei was officially revealed by the company as the fifth member of the girl group IVE. The group debuted on December 1 with their first single album titled “Eleven”.

Rei’s personal life

On April 11, 2023, Starship Entertainment announced that Rei had temporarily suspended all activities due to health concerns. She exhibited abnormal symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Therefore, Rei needed rest and more recovery time. She then came back to group’s activities 1 month later.

Controversies/ Scandals

Vogue Controversy

Rei became the cover face of Vogue Japan’s December 2022 issue, astonishing the public. The reason is that this prestigious magazine is considered the “leading voice” of Vogue in the Asian region.

IVE fans are proud and honored that Rei is the 2nd K-pop idol after Lisa (BLACKPINK) to have the honor of being on the cover of Vogue Japan. However, those who know about fashion are extremely angry, claiming that the Japanese girl “went through the back door”.

Vogue Japan is considered the leading Vogue magazine in the Asian market and is extremely picky. Only top stars or figures with great influence in the fashion world have the opportunity to be on the cover of this magazine. And yet, a rookie, who had no achievements in the fashion world like Rei, was sitting on the cover of Vogue Japan.


Fun Facts about Rei

  • Rei really loves butterflies, so her representative emoji is 🦋.
  • Her favorite colors are white, black, and blush.
  • She is left-handed and often teased by Gaeul.
  • Rei often listens to R&B, Hip-hop, and Jazz music.
  • She is very skilled and versatile in drawing.
  • The name “Rei” means cute and charming in Japanese.
  • Rei’s most valuable possession is her headphones, which were a gift from her grandfather.
  • Her favorite flower is the rose.
  • If she were a fan of the IVE group, she would definitely favor Liz.
  • She also enjoys making jewelry, decorating, and drawing.
  • Her ideal role model is Joy from Red Velvet.
  • Rei is also a fan of Doja Cat, DPR IAN, ENHYPEN, Dua Lipa, TWICE, and Red Velvet.
  • Rei often takes hot baths in her dorm room.
  • Rei also wants to take photos in the amusement park wearing a school uniform when she turns 20.
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