IVE Rei, who recently returned to activities, has she truly recovered?

IVE has returned as a complete group after Rei, who had been inactive for health reasons, resumes activities again.

On May 28th, Rei completed her schedule in Japan and entered Korea through Gimpo International Airport. She appeared last after Jang Won Young, Ahn Yu Jin, and Gaeul


This is the first time Rei stood in front of Korean reporters after announcing a temporary suspension of activities. The female idol can be seen wearing sunglasses and a hat as she moved cautiously. She also held hands tightly with fellow members Liz and Leeseo upon exiting the arrival hall.

Compared to previous appearances, the atmosphere was different. As Rei clutched to the hands of her member and looked down at the ground, it is suspected that she had a difficult situation mentally. 

Normally, Rei is known for her bright smile and lively energy at interview sites. Her love for fans is also known to be extraordinary. 

After her health issues, however, fans can only hope for Rei’s speedy recovery and focus on her health, especially as IVE is to begin full-fledged activities in Japan, I hope that you will focus on health care. 

Meanwhile, on May 26th, IVE’s agency, Starship Entertainment announced through the group’s official fan cafe that Rei’s condition has improved a lot recently, and that she will resume activities with the group.


They also promise to closely take care of the artists and to regularly check the health conditions of IVE members.

Previously in April, Rei temporarily suspended activities in April due to abnormal conditions. It is known that she received medical advice to get treatment and stability. 


In fact, Rei was unable to participate in activities after the press conference for IVE’s first full-length album “I’ve IVE”. As of the moment, the female idol has been working on recovering her health for about a month. 

Meanwhile, IVE, to which Rei is a member, is about to release their first Japanese album “WAVE”.

Source: Daum

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