CRAVITY’s security crossed a line, ridiculed fans’ appearance and demanded social security numbers

Fans of boy group CRAVITY expressed their outrage over the excessive checking of personal information at a recent fan-con.

On February 20th, an article titled “The way-too severe identity verification process at an idol fan-con” was published on a Korean forum, drawing attention. 


According to the article, at the fan concert of Starship Entertainment boy group CRAVITY, which was held on February 18th and 19th at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall, the security company over-checked the fan’s personal information, leading to a lot of complaints.


In particular, under the guise of confirming that the ticket purchaser and the audience were the same person, security guards did not hesitate to do controversial actions, such as making fans shout out the last digits of their resident registration numbers or taking their resident registration cards.

Checking personal information at concerts is a method to prevent scalpers, who bought tickets with the intention of reselling them at a higher price. Fans of idol groups often reserve tickets online to see their idols’ concerts, but since seats are limited, they sell out quickly. In these cases, fans who are unable to secure a ticket will try to purchase from resellers, even at much higher prices. As a result, many people take advantage of the fans’ desire to see their favorite singer, and earn huge sums of money by being scalpers. 


In addition, the organizer of the concert has issued a notice regarding reservations, saying, ‘If reservations are made through illegal means, such as illegal transactions or attempts to make reservations through abnormal methods, or if it is confirmed that the corresponding use is fraudulent, the reservation will be canceled without prior notice and legal action will be taken. can suffer. In this case, tickets cannot be refunded, so please be extra careful.”

Therefore, it is understood that Starship Entertainment hired a security company to check whether the information between the ticket buyer and the spectator matches.


However, as the security company’s personal information verification method goes too far, fans’ backlash has been streaming in. It was to the point that some fans who booked the tickets themselves were also prevented from entering the concert, with the security stating that their faces differ from identification cards. 

In response, one netizen pointed out that the security company’s actions were beyond the legal scope, saying, “I think you can sue the security company for something like that.” Another netizen, meanwhile, showed an objective viewpoint that fans shouldn’t risk going to an event that prohibits the transferring of tickets. 


However, there are still reports that bodyguards collect fans’ personal information, ridicule their appearances, and even accuse them of plastic surgery.

It is no exaggeration to say that idol groups are maintained by the love of their fans. It seems that the controversy will subside only when the agency takes definite measures. Regarding this, Starship Entertainment made a brief statement on the phone with Wikitree, saying, “We have nothing to do with the security company.” 

Source: wikitree

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