Apink Jung Eun Ji’s cover of Younha’s “Event Horizon” went viral online, surprising the singer herself 

Jung Eun Ji was surprised at the popularity of the cover, stating she is working hard for Apink’s comeback. 

On March 23rd, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji captured a photo of the real-time search keyword that read “Jung Eun Ji’s incident” and posted it on her Instagram story. She also speculated, saying, “Oh, is it because of the ‘Event Horizon’ cover? I was surprised…” the singer expressed her embarrassment. 

Jung Eun-ji

Previously, Jung Eun Ji did a cover of Younha’s “Event Horizon” and it immediately became a buzz online. In the said video, Eun Ji sang one key up from the original version to show off her excellent singing ability.

As the cover video went viral, the keyword “Jeong Eun Ji’s Incident” remained in the real-time issue for a long time. To this, Jung Eun Ji was amazed, uttering “Still???” and took the chance to promote Apink’s upcoming comeback, “Everyone, I’m working hard preparing for Apink’s comeback,” adding “Apink’s comeback is wow.”

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Meanwhile, Apink will comeback with their 10th mini-album “SELF” on April 5th in celebration of their 12th anniversary. The new album will feature a total of five songs, including the title song “DND,” and other tracks such as “Withcha,” “Me, Myself & I,” “Candy,” and “I Want You to be Happy.” 

Source: Nate 

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