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The winner of “Show Me The Money 11” is Lee Young Ji… She made a “super special announcement” that fans have been waiting for

Lee Young Ji, who approached the public first as a rapper rather than an entertainer, proved her skills in her “main job”.

Lee Young Ji became the final winner of “Show Me The Money 11“.

On Dec 30th, Lee Young Ji won the final stage of Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 11”, beating Rose de Penny (No.2), B.L.A.S.E. (No.3) and Don Malik (No.4).

Lee Young Ji Show Me the Money 11

Lee Young Ji said, “The title of the song in the final’s second round is ‘DEJAVU’. It seems that the completion of the song ‘DEJAVU’ was decorated with a victory.

She added, “During the long journey of ‘Show Me The Money’, I met many talented people and felt that I’m lacking a lot. My journey starts now.

Lee Young Ji Show Me the Money 11

She then said she would release an album and revealed her future plans. Fans responded that they are happier about Lee Young Ji’s album release than her first place on “Show Me The Money” itself.

Lee Young Ji performed “HUG” in the first round and “DEJAVU” in the second round.

Lee Young Ji Show Me the Money 11

Rose de Penny sang “See You!” and “Way Up”. B.L.A.S.E. chose “chosen1” for the first round and “Diamond” for the second round. Don Malik decorated the stage with “Original” and “Bathtub”.

Lee Young Ji, the winner of “Show Me The Money 11”, received prize money of 100 million won and Beverly Hills first class flight/accommodation ticket worth 100 million won.

Source: Insight

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