LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Shares the Unique Story Behind Her Debut: She Didn’t Experience Trainee Life? 

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha talked her unconventional path to debut during a recent interview 

In LE SSERAFIM’s recent interview with Zach Sang in the US, when questioned about the inspiration behind their dreams to become K-pop idols, Kazuha disclosed that she didn’t undergo the typical trainee period like other idols.

le sserafim

This revelation caught Zach Sang off guard, prompting him to inquire further about Kazuha’s debut without experiencing the K-pop trainee life. 

Kazuha clarified that her inclusion in LE SSERAFIM was sudden, leaving no room for the conventional trainee experience. She was already chosen to be a LE SSERAFIM member upon joining the company.

Acknowledging the challenges of adapting to idol life without the typical training, Kazuha assured fans that being part of a group capable of delivering powerful stage performances is an honor. 

Despite not following the standard K-pop trainee trajectory, Kazuha underwent training for nearly half a year with her fellow members in preparation for LE SSERAFIM’s debut.

Those 6 months, with her hard work and background as a professional ballerina, were enough to prepare Kazuha for LE SSERAFIM’s activities.

Source: koreaboo

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