Park Yeon Jin should avoid people with ㅇ in their names, including her daughter? The shocking theory about names in “The Glory” draws attention

Ahead of the release of Part 2, “The Glory” fans are raising various theories based on hints in the characters’ names and lines in Part 1.

“The shaman told you to avoid people with ㅇ in their names because they’d bring you bad luck” – This is a line of Park Yeon Jin (Shin Ye Eun/ Lim Ji Yeon)’s mother in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

The Glory

The mother warned her daughter Yeon Jin, “Didn’t I tell you to only hang out with Jae Jun? And Sa Ra, if you’re bored”, adding that Yeon Jin should also avoid Son Myeong Oh (손명오) and Choi Hye Jeong (최혜정). 

The majority of viewers thought the line was only made to express a sense of class distinction, but more opinions were raised and drew attention.

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The fact that Jeon Jae Jun (전재준), who loves Park Yeon Jin, has no ㅇ in his name, while Park Yeon Jin’s husband Ha Do Young (하도영) has three ㅇ can tell a whole story.

In addition, Sa Ra’s last name is Lee so she has one ㅇ. Moon Dong Eun (문동은) and Ju Yeo Jeong (주여정) both have ㅇin their names. 

What’s even creepier is that Park Yeon Jin’s daughter, whom Park Yeon Jin loves more than her life, also has ㅇ. Park Yeon Jin’s daughter is Ha Ye Sol (하예솔), and there are two ㅇ in her name. 

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In response, many netizens commented, “Above all, the fact that her daughter’s name also includes ㅇ is the most shocking”, “I wonder what the relationship between Park Yeon Jin and her daughter will be like in Part 2”, etc. 

Writer Kim Eun Sook made headlines several times with her previous works by giving hints in the lines. Therefore, many viewers believe that this speculation about ㅇ can possibly be correct. 

the glory

As various speculations and theories are still being made, interest in Part 2 of “The Glory”, which will be released in March, is also growing.

Source: Insight

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