Big Hit’s official response: “We will take action on this unauthorized use of intellectual properties regarding BTS”

On Jan 5th, Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS, announced its position on BTS Official fan café and the agency SNS regarding the portrait violation problem of the “Star Focus Special Magazine”.

Yesterday (April 4) We confirmed that AM Media is selling Star Focus Special Magazine through Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, Yes24 and the appendix offers BTS’s photo albums, DVDs and photo cards,” Big Hit said. “We did not approve the publication of the statement using the portrait and photo cards of BTS, so they are violating our artists’ portrait right.

In November last year, Big Hit filed a lawsuit against MGM Media, the publisher of “Star Focus Special Magazine,” regarding the publication of the book.

In response, Big Hit said that they had filed for the disposition of the Star Focus magazine ‘BTS History In-depth Trial’, which was attempted to be published by MGM Publication in December 2018, and the Seoul Southern District Court’s 51st Civil Affairs Division agreed that it took advantage of the statement of BTS and the commercial image of the BTS Media without any involvement.

We recognize this as a serious problem because the number of illegal publications and contents that use intellectual property rights illegally has increased without the consent of our artists,” Big Hit said. “We will establish a department exclusively for protecting the intellectual property rights of our artists and take all necessary steps to protect the intellectual property rights of artists by utilizing internal and external legal resources.

In addition, to fans and consumers, Big Hit also said, “in the process of taking active legal action against publications that violate intellectual property rights, we will try to minimize the damage to the fans and consumers who purchased them,” and “please pay attention to the purchase of publications and content that violate intellectual property rights.

Sources: Naver

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