Nam Tae Hyun talks about the danger of drugs, “Drug addicts think they become Superman, but it doesn’t feel that way at all”

Singer Nam Tae Hyun personally gave warnings about taking drugs.

On July 24th, the Youtube channel “Kizzle” uploaded a video titled “‘I regret everything’ The drug addiction counselor who saved Nam Tae-hyun”.

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The video shows Choi Jin Mook, who is running DARC (Drug Addiction Rehab Center) after suffering due to drug addiction.

Nam Tae Hyun, who is also receiving rehabilitation there, shared, “Currently, I’m living in DARC to rehab and plan my own future”.

Regarding his relationship with Nam Tae Hyun, Choi Jin Mook said, “As a rehab teacher, I once taught someone who received suspension of indictment. Then somebody texted me, saying ‘I’m Nam Tae Hyun, a singer’. I was busy doing something, so I thought I should call him in the evening, but he copied that text and sent it again. From that, I could feel how desperate he was. That’s how we both met.” 

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Regarding how he started taking drugs, Nam Tae Hyun confessed, “I’ve been taking meds prescribed by psychiatrists for 10 years, and because of that, the line between meds and drugs slowly faded away. And because of that, I got my hands on drugs.”

When asked about the biggest change after two months of living in the rehabilitation center, Nam Tae Hyun said, “First off, my life pattern really changed. When I was living alone, I would sleep whenever I wanted, wake up whenever I wanted, and drink whenever I wanted, but I can’t do all of those in here and I felt so guilty of breaking the rules that people wanted to keep as humans. I feel very embarrassed that I gave such a bad influence, and I’m really sorry about it.”

He firmly stated, “Of course, as a person, you might get curious about it. You’ll get curious about it because on TV, drug addicts are like, ‘I feel like I’m flying, it’s like I became Superman’. But don’t even think about it. It doesn’t feel that way at all”, adding “It’s seriously pathetic. Taking drugs out of curiosity is really wrong. Getting curious about this one thing could take everything away from your life, so don’t even dare get curious about taking drugs.”

nam tae hyun

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun, known as a former member of WINNER, was sent to prosecution in August last year together with “Heart Signal 3” cast Seo Min Jae on charges of taking drugs and is currently under investigation without detention. Since then, Nam Tae Hyun has been revealing his whereabouts at the Drug Addiction Rehab Center.

Source: Nate

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