Lee Kyung Shil’s advice to her juniors: “Why is everyone trying to be Yoo Jae Seok?”

Broadcaster Lee Kyung Shil (56) advised her comedian juniors not to be afraid of being criticized.

Lee Kyung Shil appeared as a guest on the E-channel entertainment show “Dog Daughter-in-law” on December 8th.

When MC Moon Se Yoon asked, “Is there any junior that you think can be the second Lee Kyung Shil?” Lee Kyung Shil said, “Our juniors are doing so well these days.”

Dog Daughter in law

However, Lee Kyung Shil said, “But the important thing is that there’s none here,” disappointing Lee Soo Ji, Kim Kyung Ah and Lee Se Young. Lee continued, “These days, the juniors are all so talented, but there’s still one thing regrettable,” adding, “I think they are too afraid of being criticized by people.”

Dog Daughter in law

Lee Kyung Shil explained, What I’m saying is, ‘Everyone seems to want to be Yoo Jae Seok,'” and advised, “They all have different personalities, but they don’t seem to be able to save and make use of it.”

Dog Daughter in law

Then, Lee Soo Ji sat down in a cheeky posture and said, “Let’s not be afraid of being criticized.” Seeing this, Lee Kyung Shil smiled and expressed her satisfaction, “I like that kind of attitude.”

Lee Kyung Shil added, “I hope my juniors will keep their own personality and color. Don’t be too swayed by what people say. Of course, you should refer to their opinions, but you have to think that they aren’t the law.”

Dog Daughter in law

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung Shil, who was born in 1966, won the grand prize in the comedy category at the 1994 MBC Entertainment Awards and was active as the best comedian of the time. Aside from appearing on TV shows, she is also working as a YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel “Hogeol Sister Lee Kyung Shil”.

Source: Money Today

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