The business of this top actress is doing so well in Japan… Here is her current situation

The cosmetics from actress Chae Rim’s brand are selling like hotcakes in Japan.

On May 17th, Chae Rim said on her Instagram, “Ah! I’m in big trouble. Even when you buy my products a lot, a problem still occurred. I’m really worried.” She continued, “I don’t know how everyone got to buy our sun balms and sun cushions but after Japanese actress Tsubasa Honda used them, we suddenly ran out of stock”.

Chase Rim expressed her worry, saying, “That’s why we have to reproduce them. The problem is that we can’t produce them within this year because the manufacturing factory is already so busy and full of orders. Seems like I would have to go to the factory and inform them of the situation.” She added, “This news is both good and not good. I’m in worrying mode again. Anyways, thank you so much, Tsubasa Honda.”

Chae Rim

Chae Rim married Chinese actor Gao Ziqi in 2014 but divorced in December 2020 and is currently raising her son alone. She recently revealed how she had been doing through JTBC’s entertainment show “Brave Single Parenting”.

Source: Wikitree

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