The original “national little sister”, let’s take a look back at the youthful past of this 62-year-old actor

The beauty of Lim Ye-jin (real name Lim Ki-hee), the original “national younger sister,” is becoming a hot topic.   

An article titled “The heyday of a 62-year-old” was posted on the online community “Humor Univ.” on Jan 9th. The post contained several photos of actor Lim Ye-jin back when she was young.

In the picture, the young Lim Ye-jin shows off her big, bright eyes, a tall nose, clear lips line, and transparent skin. Her forehead stands out to enhance her smart and warmhearted look, added to the cute and innocent charm.

Lim Ye-jin

In particular, considering that there was no photo correction technology such as Photoshop in the 1970s, it can easily be seen that her beauty was marvelous when she was in her prime.

Lim Ye-jin was born on January 24, 1960. He debuted in 1974 with the movie “Transgression”. She then emerged as an icon among teenagers and starred in a number of high-teen genre films such as “I Am Really Sorry,” “Blue Classroom,” and “Graduating From High School.”

Lim Ye-jin

Since her debut, she has steadily continued her acting career for more than 40 years without any break and has established herself as a veteran actor.

Lim Ye-jin

In the KBS2 drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, which has been airing since September last year, she plays the role of Jang Mi-sook, a rich widow with a medical school student son.

Lim Ye-jin

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “I think she is still in her golden days,” “She looked like a leader from an idol group,” “She’s still so beautiful,” and “Her acting is good, but she also seems to have great self-management.”

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