Top 10 tvN K-dramas with the highest viewership ratings

After the finale of “Our Blues”, the list for Top 10 tvN K-dramas with the highest viewership ratings changed again.

As the omnibus series “Our Blues” aired its final episode, it also became the most well-received K-drama in the first half of 2022 for the broadcasting station tvN. Following this, the Top 10 for highest viewership ratings on tvN also changed, and below is the updated ranking. 

Top 10: Hospital Playlist 2 – 14.080%

From the very first to last episode, “Hospital Playlist 2” never failed to reach double digits in viewership ratings. In season 2, the series peaked at 14.080%, landing itself in Top 10 tvN K-dramas with the highest viewership ratings.

Hospital Playlist

Top 9: Hospital Playlist 1 – 14.142%

It seems that “Hospital Playlist” season 1 still did a little bit better, despite low ratings in initial episodes. The series, which follows the lives of 5 best friends who work in the same hospital, is so alluring it reached a highest peak of 14.142% in the first season. 

Hospital Playlist

Top 8: 100 Days My Prince – 14.412%

With famous names like Do Kyung Soo (EXO D.O), Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Seon Ho, and Han So Hee, “100 Days My Prince” is charming enough to come in 8th in this top 10 list. While there had been episodes which viewership dropped to a meager 4%, from episode 10 onwards, the series is constantly in double digits, peaking at 14.412% in its finale. With this, “100 Days My Prince” is one of the only 2 historical dramas to make the list. 

Top 10 tvN K-dramas with the highest viewership ratings

Top 7: Our Blues – 14.597%

The appearance of “Our Blues” has pushed “Hometown Cha Cha cha” out of the top 10, with a highest rating of 14.597%. These series are often compared together, but it seems that “Our Blues” did just a little better inside of Korea. 

our blues

Top 6: Vincenzo

With a highest viewership of 14.636%, “Vincenzo” is officially the 6th most watched K-drama of tvN, and also among the top 10 of cable networks altogether. From episode 19 to 20, the series made a drastic 3% leap in ratings, thus earning this honorable position.


Top 5: Mr Queen – 17.371%

Despite controversy over alleged historical distortion, “Mr Queen” is still a commercial success. The drama premiered to a rating of 8% and achieved two-digit ratings after just 4 episodes. “Mr. Queen” is not only the 5th highest-rated tvN drama, but also ranks 7th among all dramas broadcast across cable channels, and remains the most popular historical cable drama to this day. 

Yu Mian Tao Hua Zong Xiang Feng

Top 4: Mr.  Sunshine – 18.129%

Mr. Sunshine” wrapped up with an impressive rating of 18.129% recorded in the finale. The drama has a huge production cost that is comparable to a big screen project. Marking the return to the small screen after 9 years of Lee Byung Hun and the debut drama of Kim Tae Ri, penned by the popular screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, the success of “Mr. Sunshine” was within expectations. 

Mr Sunshine

Top 3: Goblin – 18.683%

Following “Mr Sunshine” is another drama from screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, the massive hit “Goblin”. Another interesting similarity between “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine” is that both pairs of main cast were nominated for Baeksang’s Best Actor and Best Actress, and both the male leads took home the awards. 6 years have passed since the release of “Goblin”, but its impact has yet to subsided. The drama is currently still in the Top 5 high-rated cable dramas in Korean television history.


Top 2: Reply 1988 – 18.803%

Reply 1988” isn’t dubbed one of the most legendary cable dramas of all time for nothing. Before dropping to No. 2 in tvN history and No. 4 in cable stations’ history, “Reply 1988” maintained the highest position of both rankings for 3-4 years. “Reply 1988” is highly appreciated for both its quality and commercial success. 

Reply 1988

Top 1: Crash Landing On You – 21.683%

Keeping its crown as the highest-rated tvN drama for 2 years now is “Crash Landing On You” starring top star couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Near the end, it still recorded lower ratings than “Reply 1988”, but everything changed when the last episode aired with the rating exceeding 20%, earning a record-breaking 21.683%. Among all cable channel dramas, “Crash Landing On You” is ranked 3rd, below JTBC’s “The World of the Married” and “Sky Castle.” 

Crash Landing On You

Source: Dienanh

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