The production crew of “Witch 2” revealed the still cut of Kim Da-mi, who hard-carried the movie with her short appearance

Still cuts of actress Kim Da-mi, who makes a surprise appearance at the end of the movie “The Witch Part 2. The Other One,” has finally been revealed.

On Jul 1st, the distributor NEW said, “’The Witch Part 2. The Other One’ (Witch 2) has received very hot responses, and we have decided to add an undisclosed still with gratitude.”

The still released this time caught the attention of movie fans as it showed Koo Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi), the main character of the previous movie.

The Witch 2

Koo Ja-yoon, who had devastated laboratories around the world and disappeared, is reaching out to the Girl (Shin Si-ah), the main character of the second movie.

Koo Ja-yoon suggested something with a creepy smile while the Girl was heavily bleeding.

In fact, this is one of the important scenes that heralds the third movie of the “Witch” series.

The Witch 2

Those who have already watched the movie are enthusiastic again when the still cuts of Kim Da-mi, who left a strong impression even though she appeared briefly in “The Witch 2”, are released.

The Witch 2

In the behind-the-scenes still cuts released this time, aside from Goo Ja-yoon, Kyung-hee (Park Eun-bin), Dae-gil (Sung Yoo-bin), Jo-hyeon (Seo Eun-soo) and Tom (Justin Harvey) can also be seen.

Meanwhile, “The Witch 2” tells the story that happens when the “girl” (Shin Si-ah) takes her first step into the world after surviving alone in a devastating secret laboratory, and different forces start chasing her for different purposes.

Director Park Hoon-jung continued to be in charge of directing the movie following the first part, and the running time is 137 minutes.

Although it is given a 15 rating, hot action scenes that viewers cannot take their eyes off appear one after another and are receiving rave reviews.

Attention is focused on how far the movie “The Witch 2”, which surpassed the break-even point of 2 million viewers and is about to reach 2.5 million viewers, will break box office records.

Source: insight

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