The Only ILLIT Member With Good Singing Skills Had Plastic Surgery Before Debut?

Receiving compliments for her singing skills, ILLIT member Minju raised pre-debut plastic surgery suspicions

Just making their debut with the song “Magnetic”, HYBE’s new girl group ILLIT already gained remarkable achievements. In particular, they became the first K-pop girl group to enter Billboard 100 with their debut song. With this hit song, ILLIT also won No.1 on music shows very quickly.

mịnu illit

However, amid their rising popularity, ILLIT’s singing abilities during the encore stages as a music show winner sparked controversy. Except for Minju, who received praise for having a nice voice, other members were all criticized because of their poor live singing skills.

Looking back on Minju’s profile, many people were surprised to find out that she used to train under YG Entertainment and was part of the BABYMONSTER project. In 2021, Minju left YG and moved to BELIFT LAB. As such, netizens believe that Minju has a stable live singing ability thanks to her trainee days under YG.

Along with her vocal, Minju’s doll-like visual also caught the eyes of the public. However, as Minju’s pre-debut photos, such as graduation pictures, spread on social media, netizens noticed significant changes on her face and pointed out that the female idol might have undergone plastic surgery to get her current pretty visual. However, some defended Minju, saying she looks more beautiful after changing her makeup style.

Source: kenh14

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