Ex-EXO Kris Wu tries to get his sentence reduced “Work every day + engage in cultural and artistic activities”

Former EXO member Kris, who is serving a prison sentence for rape and group lewdness, is reportedly taking an active approach to his life behind bars

He is striving to engage in various cultural and artistic activities, including music creation, with the hope of potentially reducing his sentence.

According to sources, Kris is adapting to his new environment in prison. He starts his day at 8 AM, has breakfast and participates in group activities. The work involves the production of handicrafts using sewing machines and continues until 5 PM, with a break for lunch.

Kris Wu

During his free time, Kris is actively participating in personal activities, such as composing music and cultural performances. These efforts could contribute to accumulating credits and potentially lead to early release or parole.

However, an official explained, “Reduction of sentence is impossible without recognizing the crimes and showing remorse.”

Kris faced allegations of sexually assaulting three women using similar methods at his residence, including incidents involving inebriated women, from November to December 2020. He was also accused of luring two women to his home for indecent acts in July 2018. He was indicted on charges of rape and group lewdness in June last year.

Kris Wu

In November last year, Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court sentenced Kris to 11 years and 6 months in prison for the rape charge and an additional 1 year and 10 months for the group lewdness charge, totaling 13 years of imprisonment. The court also ordered Kris’s deportation from China after serving his sentence.

The case regarding Kris’s rape and group lewdness behaviors is still under appeal.

Source: Nate

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