This “Train To Busan“ Actress Used To Be Rumored To Date And Marry Gong Yoo

Recently, a selfie uploaded by actress Jung Yoo-mi on her Instagram became a hot topic

In the photo, Jung Yoo-mi is staring into the air without makeup while holding a ukulele.

Jung Yu-mi

Jung Yoo-mi, who showed off her solid acting skills through the movie “Sleep,” which was released in September, has been suffering from rumors of her dating and marrying actor Gong Yoo.

Jung Yu-mi-gong yoo

Starting with the movie “Silenced,” these two showed off their extraordinary ‘chemistry’ in “Train to Busan” and “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982.” The two stars were rumored to be dating several times, and in 2018, they were even rumored to be getting married.

At that time, specific information such as the date and location of the wedding was reported as if it were true. In response, the two’s agencies showed their strong attitude toward the spread of false information, stressing “they are only close friends, not lovers.”

Jung Yu-mi-gong yoo

After the incident, Jung Yoo-mi and Gong Yoo worked together for the third time in the movie ‘Kim Ji-young, Born 1982’, drawing attention once again.

In the movie, Jung Yoo-mi played Kim Ji-young and Gong Yoo plays Kim Ji-young’s husband, Jung Dae-hyun. The chemistry between them gave netizens no choice but to suspect that they were in a romantic relationship. However, the videos where the two mentioned each other prove that they are close friends, nothing more.

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