Why Netflix Prefers Casting Non-Celebrities in Upcoming Entertainment Programs

Netflix Original entertainment programs are preparing to take the stage until the end of the year. 

On April 4th, the Netflix Entertainment Drinking event was held in Myeong-dong, Seoul. At the event, PDs (producers) Jeong Hyo Min, Lee Eun Kyung, Park Jin Kyung, Kim Jae Won, and Jeong Jong Yeon attended and shared various stories about the upcoming entertainment programs.


Jeong Hyo Min, the PD of the show “Risqué Business,” said, “It’s an interview talk show where Shin Dong Yup and Sung Shi Kyung go to overseas individuals in the sex industry to hear their stories. It received a ‘restricted to adults’ rating and is the first mid-form entertainment program to be premiered on Netflix. We hope to present a new interview show that is fast-paced, lively, and slightly bold while maintaining our sense of fun and liveliness.”

Lee Eun Kyung, who directed “Siren: Survive the Island,” described it as a survival show in which 24 women compete in six teams of four, representing different professions such as police, military, stunt performers, firefighters, athletes, and bodyguards, putting their professional pride on the line. They will compete to survive on an unknown island with their strategic skills and physical strength. The last surviving team will win.

When asked why the teams were all female, she responded, “I love sports comics. I think the three keywords of sports comics are ‘friendship, effort, and victory.’ However, there are not many sports comics targeting women, and the way they are portrayed is limited. I thought it was time to do something like this in Korea, so I put my personal wishes into it.” 

She added, “‘Street Woman Fighter’ was a hit, and it was a time when female-led shows were coming out little by little. I thought it would make sense now as ‘Kill Boksoon’ was recently released on Netflix.”

In the third quarter of the year, “Zombieverse” will be released. It is a zombie-themed entertainment program in which participants perform quests to survive in a world suddenly transformed into a zombie-infested area.

Park Jin Kyung, the director of “Zombieverse,” revealed that there were no scripts or predetermined outcomes. Instead, they asked the cast how they would react if they were in a real zombie apocalypse, “Would you become a real hero?” The participants’ reactions were unexpected, making the program more realistic and thrilling.

Single's Inferno

Kim Jae Won will showcase the reality shows “19/20” and “Single’s Inferno Season 3,” which has been popular worldwide. 

“19/20” is a reality show featuring Generation Z who spends two weeks together during the last week of being 19 years old and the first week of being 20. It is scheduled to be broadcast in the third quarter of this year, and singers Kyuhyun, Kim Ji Eun, AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, and Jung Se Woon have been announced as the panelists.

Meanwhile, Jeong Jong Yeon, the PD of “The Devil’s Plan,” has returned with the brain survival game entertainment program that offers a prize of up to KRW 500 million. The show aims to find the best brains that can win the game, and the participants live together for a week while playing games, including political strategies that occur between games.

Netflix’s upcoming reality shows have one thing in common: most of the cast members are non-celebrities. Netflix has had its share of headaches with controversy surrounding non-celebrity cast members in shows like “Single’s Inferno” and “Physical 100”. 

When asked about the reasoning behind preferring non-celebrities, producer Jeong Jong Yeon explained, “It’s actually easier to ask for proof of documentation from non-celebrities than it is from celebrities, who are harder to demand such things from. We would practically have to conduct an investigation.”

Jung also pointed out that non-celebrities have a wider range of behavior, which is more attractive to viewers. However, from a marketing perspective, there are drawbacks as well. “It’s a balancing act between the two,” he said. He also suggested that dealing with controversies would be easier with non-celebrities in the future.

Netflix has planned to release a variety of reality shows this year, such as “Risqué Business”, “Siren: Survive the Island”, “Zombieverse”, “Nineteen to Twenty”, “The Devil’s Plan”, and “Single’s Inferno Season 3”.

Source: Wikitree

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