The moments showing BLACKPINK are favorites of famous brands and magazines

The 4 YG girls are all well-liked by luxury fashion houses and prestigious fashion magazines.

Not only are they a popular K-pop girl group, but BLACKPINK are also idols who have successfully entered the fashion field. Thanks to their talent, beauty and influence with the public, BLACKPINK is always welcomed by brands and receives special attention from magazines. Many times, the group makes people admire when being indulged and favored by brands and magazines.

BLACKPINK are always well-liked by brands and magazines

Vogue feature Jisoo on Instagram biography

Vogue has always given a lot of love to BLACKPINK’s eldest member. Vogue in Korea has many times expressed this love on their Instagram bio @voguekorea.

Fans also had to swoon because the confessions were all so sweet, “How to dress like JISOO”, “Vogue loves JISOO”, and currently, Vogue Korea is having the bio: “The history of JISOO and VOGUE”. Having changed its profile status many times, Vogue always thought of Jisoo and included her in it. Besides, on magazine covers, Vogue did not hesitate to display more words expressing love for female idols.

Vogue publicly showed its affection by putting Jisoo’s name on the Instagram bio.
The current biography of Vogue Korea continues to change but still has the name Jisoo. 

Dior loves Jisoo so much

Not only inviting Jisoo to be the Global Ambassador, Dior also loves and pampers this muse. Even though it’s not a special occasion, the famous fashion house still prepares thoughtful and expensive gifts for Jisoo many times.

A glance at the photos Jisoo posted on Instagram is enough to see the sophistication and thoughtfulness of Dior when sending each gift. From clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, as long as Jisoo likes it, Dior will give it all. The fashion brand once sent her lipsticks engraved with extremely special names, which are JISOO RED, Rabbit Kim (Jisoo’s nicknames given by fans) and Sooyaa_ (Jisoo’s official Instagram account name). 

Jisoo Dior
Special lipsticks engraved with Jisoo’s name. 

On BLACKPINK’s eldest member’s birthday, Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri sent a dress from the DiorSS21 collection as a gift. In particular, Jisoo is also the first celeb in the world to be given this design. Before that, she was the first Asian celeb to wear the full look of Dior Cruise 2021.

jisoo dior
An expensive dress given to Jisoo by the creative director of Dior on her birthday. 

Another time, Dior’s designer and creative director also gave Jisoo flowers and a handwritten letter with sweet content: “Thank you for your kind and totally charming support from home. I hope you enjoyed the show and I sincerely hope we get the chance to meet in person in January. All my best, Maria Grazia”.

jisoo dior
Jisoo shows off flowers and sweet handwritten letters from the creative director of Dior. 

At the beginning of last March, Jisoo appeared at Dior’s show during the Paris Fashion Week 2022. Surrounding her were bodyguards wearing powerful black suits prepared by Dior. The fashion brand also equipped a barrier to protect the ambassador from the crowd and constantly updated the status on Instagram to welcome Jisoo.

jisoo dior
Jisoo was protected by muscular bodyguards when she appeared. 
jisoo dior
Powerful bodyguards and barricades were equipped to welcome Jisoo. 

CEO BVLGARI filmed Lisa’s fans

Referring to the fashion brand’s pampering for BLACKPINK, BVLGARI’s favor for global ambassador Lisa cannot be ignored. On March 16th, Lisa attended a fashion brand event and visited the brand’s BVLGARI Flagship store in Rome, Italy. What warmed fans’ hearts was the brand CEO’s, Mr. JC Babin, extremely warm welcome towards Lisa. Besides, the CEO even recorded the image of Lisa’s fans waiting in front of the store.

lisa bvlglari
Lisa appeared close next to CEO BVLGARI. 
lisa bvlglari
Close-up of BVLGARI’s CEO using his phone to film and wave to Lisa’s fans.

Rosé is the exception of YSL

Thanks to her talent and influence, Rosé became the Global Ambassador of the prestigious brand Saint Laurent from France. In particular, she is considered an exception when after 60 years of founding, Yves Saint Laurent has had a brand ambassador attending the Met Gala. Besides, the pampering is also reflected in the fact that creative director Anthony Vaccarello always accompanies and stands side by side with the “Australian rose” throughout the night.

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello always accompanied Rosé throughout the event. 
blackpink rose
The ambassador is pampered by YSL, appearing on magazine covers many times. 

Jennie is constantly pushed to star in covers by Chanel

Known as Chanel’s bias, Jennie always receives favor from the prestigious brand. “Human Chanel” wears countless luxurious and trendy designs of the fashion house every time she appears in public. In particular, Chanel did not hesitate to spend a large amount of money on expensive clothes for the idol, and let her appear on the covers of famous magazines such as ELLE, Dazed, W Korea…

During the campaign to promote high-end jewelry Coco Crush or the opening of the flagship store, Jennie’s image was widely appeared and became the focus of attention. In particular, the female idol also got to sit in the front row at big events like Paris Fashion Week.

blackpink jennie
Jennie attended many important events of the French fashion house.

Thanks to their talent and gorgeous beauty, the 4 BLACKPINK girls always receive favor and pampering from magazines and brands. Indeed, despite being absent from the music race for a long time, the popularity and influence of BLACKPINK has never cooled down. 

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