The late Na Chul, now only the flower path remains…The entertainment industry absorbed in sadness

The entertainment industry was saddened by actor Na Chul’s sad news. Actors Han Hyo Joo, Uhm Ji Won, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Hwi, etc. are continuing the mourning wave in memory of Na Chul.

On Jan 22nd, Han Hyo Joo posted a photo of the deceased with the caption, “You were a really good actor and a good person. I’ll remember you.” The two seem to have built a friendship by appearing together in the drama “Happiness”.

Na Chul

Lee Dong Hwi also said in honor of the deceased, “Fly high in the sky. Enough to reach the stars. And tell me what colors they are. Listen to the songs you want to hear and sing as much as you want.

Kim Go Eun and Uhm Ji Won, who appeared in “Little Women” with Na Chul, were also sad. Uhm Ji Won prayed for the soul of the deceased, “Actor Na Chul, thank you for showing good acting. I wanted to see more of your acting, but RIP (rest in peace).

Kim Go Eun Na Chul

Upon hearing the news of Na Chul’s death, Kim Go Eun canceled her airport schedule on Jan 22nd. On Jan 21st and 22nd, she posted a series of messages in memory of Na Chul.

On Jan 21st, Kim Go Eun posted several photos of Na Chul on her Instagram with the caption, “The coolest actor #Na Chul. The best and coolest person, dad, husband, son and friend #Na Chul.” On Jan 22nd, she continued, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you until the end. Thank you for making such precious moments. I don’t know what was so urgent, but it’ll be better there than here. I’ll protect the remaining two treasures. Don’t worry.

Na Chul, who started his career as an actor in the play “Anne’s Diary” in 2010, made his face and name known by appearing in various short films and independent films. Na Chul, who played minor roles in the 2016 film “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”, the 2017 film “1987” and the 2019 film “Extreme Job”, played supporting roles in the 2020 drama “Stranger 2”, the 2021 dramas “Vincenzo”, “Hospital Playlist 2” and “Jirisan”.

Na Chul

Last year, he appeared in the dramas “Through the Darkness”, “Little Women”, “Weak Hero Class 1” and gained a lot of attention for his impressive acting.

It is regrettable that he suddenly passed away at a time when expectations for his next work and future acting activities are high. His posthumous work is expected to be the movie “Concrete Utopia”. It is scheduled to be released this year.

On Jan 21st, Na Chul passed away at the age of 36 while receiving treatment for his health deterioration. A mortuary was set up at the funeral hall of Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. His coffin will be borne out at 8:30 AM on Jan 23rd.

Source: Daum

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