This celebrity changed her image completely after suffering a “feminist controversy” and going to Japan to study 

Actress Ha Yeon Soo revealed a completely different profile picture and cleared up retirement rumors. 

On September 6th, actress Ha Yeon Soo posted several photos on her Instagram, along with the caption “New profile behind”, which is written in Japanese.

Ha Yeon-soo

In the photos, Ha Yeon Soo can be seen wearing a white shirt and jeans, with her hair let loose in a natural style. 

Ha Yeon-soo

The actress flaunts her round forehead and deer-like eyes, creating a sleek and “clean” image. Meanwhile, her bright and glowy skin also exudes a youthfulness that immediately catches eyes. 

Ha Yeon-soo

Amid admiration for her perfect beauty, attention is also drawn to Ha Yeon Soo’s changed atmosphere. 

Ha Yeon-soo

In particular, the actress used to be loved by fans for her refreshing, juicy, and lovely image in various K-dramas. Her bright eyes and chubby cheeks were compared to those of babies, and her visuals were said to resemble the turtle pokemon “Squirtle”. 

Ha Yeon-soo

Now, instead of her iconic fresh beauty, the actress is boasting a slender face shape and sharp features, that make for a more mature image. 

Ha Yeon-soo

In another profile picture, Ha Yeon Soo exuded a charismatic aura in a suit and swept-back hairstyle. Her intense eyes that seem to swallow up the camera are also very impressive. 

Ha Yeon-soo

Seeing this successful image transformation, many fans can’t help but exclaim “You are so pretty it’s crazy”, “Such a different charm”, and showed their anticipation for the actress’ future activities.

Earlier this year, Ha Yeon Soo’s exclusive contract with her agency expired, and the actress went to Japan to study. However, this raised suspicions about her retiring from the entertainment industry.

Ha Yeon-soo

On official sites, Ha Yeon Soo’s actress profile was also taken down, and rumors were spreading at a rapid pace. Faced with the “alleged retirement”, Ha Yeon Soo directly revealed her plans for future activities on Instagram, thus refuting all rumors of her withdrawal. 

At the time, the actress said, “I have plans to work in Japan in the near future. I will be meeting with an agency in August to discuss the contract. Do not spread false information about me leaving the entertainment industry.”

Ha Yeon-soo

Prior to this, Ha Yeon Soo was embroiled in a controversy about her “feminist tendencies”, after the actress posted an excerpt from Park Jeong Hoon’s feminist book “Men Who Think Of Marriage If You Are Kind To Them” on her SNS. 

While some netizens agreed with the excerpt uploaded by the actress, some considered this controversial, and left comments like, “Is this who you are?”, “Your male fans are going to leave you now”, and more. 

Source: Insight

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