BTS’s Jin Voted as the Doll Manufacturer’s Most Sculpted-Like Appearance on a Seoul Travel Guide Account with 1.15 Million Followers

Even during his military service, BTS’s Jin continues to maintain his hot popularity and fame

The Instagram account ‘seoul.southkorea,’ a Seoul travel guide with 1.158 million followers, recently posted about Jin. The account included a caption in English alongside stunning photos of Jin, saying, “Get to know the versatile golden star, BTS’s Kim Seokjin.”

They went on to introduce Jin, mentioning his achievements such as being chosen as having a “most sculpted-like appearance” by a doll manufacturer, studying in Australia for a short English course during middle school, and his involvement in composing his solo song ‘Awake,’ released in 2016.

The ‘seoul.southkorea’ account posted this information along with hashtags like #JinAppreciation, #MultitalentedArtist, and #HeartwarmingCharm. Fans reacted enthusiastically with numerous comments and likes.

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This travel guide account, catering to a global audience, showcases Jin’s enduring popularity and brand power even as he serves in the military.

Known as the ‘Worldwide Handsome,’ Jin has earned numerous nicknames worldwide, including ‘Car Door Guy,’ ‘Left-handed Guy,’ and ‘UN General Assembly Guy,’ thanks to his exceptionally handsome appearance.

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Domestic and international plastic surgeons have praised Jin’s face as one of the best, and he has held titles like ‘Most Handsome Man in the World’ according to various visual ranking polls. He was selected as the ’21st Century’s Best-Looking Man’ by Germany’s Sternmeister, ‘The World’s Most Perfect Male Face’ by the Netherlands’ Sluis Painting, ‘Naturally Art Face #1’ by KAZAN Art School, ‘World’s Most Handsome Man’ by beauty website ‘Andrey Beauty Studio,’ and ‘Ancient Greek Sculpture-Like Face’ by a research institute in Ireland. Jin also holds the title of ‘World’s Most Sculpted-Like Face’ by CzDollic, a Czech doll designer team.

CzDollic explained that the world’s best-sculpted handsome faces are chosen irrespective of age and must possess natural beauty. The judges emphasized that Jin’s selection was due to his egg-shaped symmetrical face, which can be photographed from any angle, and his beautiful lips.

Jin’s exceptional vocal skills, known as the ‘Vocal King’ and ‘Live King,’ are also a significant part of BTS’s global success. Jin has received praise from vocal experts around the world.

Kim Dohun, a former editor-in-chief of ‘IZM’ and a popular music critic, selected Jin’s solo song ‘Epiphany’ as one of ‘BTS’s All-Time Top 5 Songs.’ He praised Jin’s stable voice and excellent high notes.

Kim Dohun also noted in the culture magazine ‘Cooltura’ that Jin has been recognized for his vocal abilities through his solo songs, where he showcased his lyrical tenor, beautiful falsetto, powerful chest voice, and wide vocal range, regardless of genre. He described Jin as a presence that beautifully shines, embodying the essence of BTS’s miraculous creation.

Jin’s self-composed solo song ‘Moon’ reached the fifth position in Rolling Stone’s list of ’75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time’ in 2020, achieving the highest ranking for an Asian artist. His solo single ‘The Astronaut,’ released on October 28th last year, topped the list of ‘Best Songs of 2022’ by Rolling Stone and was the highest-ranked Asian solo song.

Recently, Jin also topped a poll conducted by Netorabo, an online community operated by Japan’s ITmedia, as the BTS member with the most preferred voice among Japanese men. The voting on Netorabo is exclusive to Japanese participants, with only one vote allowed per person. In a previous Netorabo poll, Jin’s solo song ‘Epiphany’ ranked first, ‘Moon’ ranked third, ‘Awake’ ranked ninth, and ‘Abyss’ ranked eleventh among favorite BTS solo songs, solidifying his overwhelming popularity and influence in Japan.

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