Everything about Kim Woojin – The Controversial Former Stray Kids member (2024 updated)

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin garnered quite the attention due to his mysterious departure from the group. 

Who is Kim Woojin? 

Kim Woojin. whose full name is Kim Woojin, was born on April 8, 1997. He was the main vocal of boy group Stray Kids, but has left the group and debuted as a solo artist. 

stray kids-kim woo jin

Kim Woojin’s Biography

  • Birth Name: Kim Woojin
  • Stage Name: Woojin (우진)
  • Date of Birth: April 8, 1997
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Instagram: @woooojin0408
  • Fandom name: CUBS (컵스)

Kim Woojin’s Career 

In 2017, Kim Woojin was officially revealed by JYP for his participation in the survival show “Stray Kids”. At the time, his role was introduced to be “Vocal”. He later debuted as the main vocal of Stray Kids in 2018. 

In 2019, however, JYP suddenly announced Kim Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids due to “personal circumstances”, sparking various speculations among fans. 

Kim Woojin later debuted released the pre-debut single “Still Dream”, before officially debuting as a soloist on July 18, 2021 with the mini album “The Moment : 未成年, a minor”. 

He has since dropped his 2nd mini album “The Moment : 美成年, Bounce”, as well as the OSTs “Because It’s You” (for “Let Me Be Your Knight”), “Timeless” (for “3.5th Period”), “In The End” (for “Reborn Rich”), and “Dive” (for “King the Land”). 

Kim Woojin is known to star in the HBO series “Além do Guarda-Roupa” (My Magic Closet) in 2023. 

Additional facts about Kim Woojin 

stray kids-kim woo jin

Kim Woojin has an older brother, and can speak basic English alongside playing the guitar and the piano.


Back in 2020, an anonymous netizen on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter) claimed that she was harassed by an idol in a bar. The said idol, whose name included “Woo”, was suspected to be Kim Woojin due to several “evidence” that later surfaced on the Internet

Additionally, there were also rumors of Kim Woojin getting a fan pregnant. 

In response, Kim Woojin released a statement, insisting that he had been made aware of the accusations and that they were not true.

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