3 male idols who deserve the title of the “bad boys” of K-pop: Kangta, Lucas, Woojin

Kangta, Woojin, and Lucas are three male idols who deserve the nickname of the bad boys of K-pop because of their series of love scandals with fans.

K-pop is a place where many talented idols are trained with great singing and dancing skills. Many idols have become a source of motivation for fans to try to achieve their dreams. On the contrary, there are also many idols who are exposed as notorious “bad boys”. When their love scandals were revealed, netizens were stunned.


Lucas (NCT)

On August 23, the entertainment industry was shocked when A, a girl who claimed to be an NCT’s fan posted a history of chatting with Lucas. According to A, Lucas once said hurtful words such as: “You and the fan club are equally obnoxious”, “don’t do anything to pursue the career as an idol in the future.” Even though they broke up when he was sad, Lucas still went to see A. He also used the excuse that he was a celebrity to let A pay the money for things because if he casually swiped his card, he would be discovered.


On August 24, a female fan B who knew Lucas while participating in a fansign accused him of having sex with her but not using safety measures. After all, he still considers this relationship as friends. Miss B also revealed that Lucas used to know his ex-girlfriend was an SM trainee. A Chinese female fan was actively contacted by Lucas, but because she was not beautiful, he just shared a meal and said goodbye. Lucas even lied when recording the show ‘Real Men’ in Korea.

Then, a third girl appeared with a picture of Lucas lying on the bed as evidence. The male idol flirts with many women, when he is with one person, he speaks badly of others. Not only badmouthing his trainee friend and NCT’s members as incompetent and lazy, Lucas even asked C to buy him branded clothes.

Lucas’s list of lovers is not only female when there is also a 4th character, a guy. The two have been together since 2015. He shared that Lucas was very proud of the achievement of having sex for the first time at the age of 13.

Kangta (H.O.T)

SM’s first-generation idol once shocked Korean media with a series of love scandals. Specifically, on August 1, 2019, racing model Woo Joo Ahn uploaded a video of her intimate relationship with Kangta. Soon after, the guy apologized and explained that this video was filmed last year when the two had not broken up.


The story was thought to be over, but one day later, broadcaster Oh Jung Yeon posted again accusing Kangta of cheating on her when she was dating Woo Joo Ahn. She wrote: “If you find out that the man you’ve been seriously dating for the past 6 months, who keeps telling you that he misses you so much he can’t wait to see you again. suddenly went to bed with another woman?”.


Korean media continued to report that Kangta secretly dated actress Jung Yumi for 2 years. He was in love with 3 girls at the same time. Kangta’s image completely collapsed, the love scandals seemed to have ended his career. Kangta was removed from the list to attend the SMTown concert in Tokyo. He even had to pay for tickets because the musical he participated in had to be canceled.


Woojin (former Stray Kids member)

In October 2020, JYP suddenly announced the termination of the contract with Woojin for personal reasons. Although the reason was not stated, fans could easily understand why JYP did that according to various controversies that occurred at that time. 


Earlier to the termination of Woo Jin’s contract, on September 8 2019, an account on Twitter uploaded various posts to expose Woo Jin. This account revealed that on April 29, when she was drinking alone in a bar, an idol whose name included Woo from a BIG3 company approached her. The girl said she already had a boyfriend; however, this idol continued to compliment her sexy body figure and didn’t leave. This person also stated that Woo Jin once said he liked “Western girls with sexy body”.

After some more speculation, one Chinese netizen’s accusations towards Woojin were revealed, and it was here that the accusation of Woojin drugging and getting a fansite master pregnant started.

It has been known that Yao Chen (R1SE) and Woojin used to be good friends as they once practiced together under JYP. However, netizens assumed that Yao Chen’s fansite master was drugged and raped by Woojin, resulting in her pregnancy, based on this comment. Perhaps this is why JYP took such drastic measures against him.

However, after leaving JYP, Woojin announced the release of a solo pre-debut album on July 8 in order to “pave the way” for a solo comeback. But this led many people to condemn him harshly.

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