JYP’s Approach to Idols’ Mental Well-Being Faces Divided Opinions 

Fans slam JY Park for advising artists to hide emotions, raising concerns about mental health

The controversy centers on JY Park’s belief that idols should maintain looking cheerful on the outside, even in the face of personal challenges, to create a positive atmosphere for everyone. 

Although this guidance aims to promote a constructive environment, fans criticize it for encouraging artists to hide their true emotions. Fans with knowledge about mental health contend that this approach may exacerbate internal struggles by denying idols a healthy channel for expressing their feelings.

Many fans argue that requiring idols to consistently display a brave front is comparable to treating them as emotionless machines programmed for flawless performance. This might lead more artists to push themselves to the limits, ignoring signs of mental fatigue until it becomes detrimental. 

This is evidenced by the growing occurrence of idols taking breaks for mental health reasons.

Lia’s recent decision to step back from ITZY’s activities highlights the possible repercussions of a work culture at JYP that prioritizes public image over personal well-being. Concerns arise among fans about the risk of idols neglecting mental health issues due to the pressure to present a composed front.

itzy lia

Conversely, some fans argue that in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry, keeping a good public image is important. For idols, maintaining a positive front is an integral part of their job. Balancing mental health is essential, but in some instances, professionalism requires idols to put aside personal emotions for the collective benefit of the group.

Source: Koreaboo

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