“It’s not photoshopped…” 2AM Jo Kwon boasts CG-level abs

Jo Kwon, who debuted as a singer with 2AM and continued his wide range of activities in variety shows and musicals, showed off his excellent muscular body.

In the past, he swept the entertainment industry by showing funny dance moves with his skinny body.

But now it’s completely different. It is a 180-degree change that makes it hard to remember his body at that time.

On May 5th, Jo Kwon surprisingly revealed his body with abs that feel like a washboard through his Instagram, saying, “It’s not photoshopped ^^.”

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In the photo, the current Jo Kwon is completely different from the body type that was shown in various entertainment programs in the past. Back then, he was called “Kkap Kwon” as he usually showed funny dance moves with his skinny body.

However, the current Jo Kwon has wide shoulders. The word “王 (king)” is clearly visible on his stomach.

He showed off his body by making various poses, such as sitting on exercise equipment with his hand in his pocket.

His thighs also boasted enormous thickness. It is presumed that Jo Kwon went on a diet with all his might to build up his body.

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Jo Kwon expressed his loyalty to his acquaintance, “It’s already been 10 years since I went to the gym with my acquaintance. The last exerciser here today. Let’s cheer for his new start together.

He also showed greed, “After Men’s Health… Should I take body profile pictures?

Seeing the photo, Park Hyo Shin, a friend of Jo Kwon, expressed his surprise by commenting, “Isn’t it photoshopped?” Jo Kwon replied, “No, it’s not photoshopped LOL It’s my real body. I just don’t take off my clothes often.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon debuted as a member of boy group 2AM in 2008 and is active in variety shows and musicals. Jo Kwon has been confirmed as a judge for TV CHOSUN’s audition program “Show Queen”, which will start airing in June.

Source: Insight

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