BTS V burst into laughter at his caricature drawing “Turtle neck + beard detail”

BTS V burst into laughter at his caricature drawing.

On June 15th, V shared his daily life in Paris, France through his personal Instagram story.

V expressed anticipation as he waited for his caricature drawing on the street. V, who transformed into bleached hairstyle, hesitated for a while then revealed the drawing.


He looked at the drawing again and let out an awkward giggle. The caricature released by V is characterized by exaggerated character expressions.

It is a drawing with thick lips and cute characteristics. V added laughter by attaching the caption “Turtle neck + beard detail“.

Meanwhile, V’s group BTS recently released the single “Take Two” to commemorate their 10th debut anniversary. They will hold “10th Anniversary Festa” in Yeouido on June 17th.

Source: News Inside

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