Jo Jung Suk and Gummy bragged about their daughter: “Our 3-year-old is different, her voice is good”

Singer Gummy reveals an unexpected side of her beloved husband Jo Jung Suk, as well as her daughter’s promising talent.

Singer Gummy, the “Queen of Ballads,” will appear as a special MC in SBS’ “Same Bed Different Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” (hereinafter referred to as “Same Bed Different Dream”), which will air at 11:10 p.m. on Dec 12th.

During the recording for SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dream” at the studio, singer Gummy revealed her happy marriage with her husband Jo Jung Suk. After five years of dating, Gummy and Jo Jung Suk got married in 2018, becoming a representative couple in the entertainment industry.


In fact, Gummy said, “Jo Jung Suk call me often. I heard that there are many people who are hard to contact after they start filming, but Jo frequenly calls me during his filming,” expressing her gratitude for Jo Jung Suk, who always takes care of her mental state and supports her.

In addition, Gummy drew attention by boasting that Jo Jung Suk has all the good things of husbands in “Same Bed Different Dream.” She claimed he had Lim Chang Jung’s humor, Moon Jae Wan’s positive energy, and Oh Sang Jin’s wit. Gummy then revealed Jo Jung Suk’s unexpected side, saying, “In fact, he has many good sides, but there are even more serious and silent sides. There are times when he is very genius, but there are also times when he is clumsy.”


Gummy also talked about her 3-year-old daughter, who seems to have inherited her mother and father’s talents. Gummy surprised the studio by saying, “It’s still too early to say, but she has a good voice,” and that her daughter is different from children her age.

The story of Gummy and Jo Jung Suk’s happy marriage can be found on SBS’ “Same Bed Different Dream,” which will air at 11:10 p.m. on Dec 12th.

Source: OSEN

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