aespa totally transformed in new event ahead of July comeback

All 4 members of famous girl group aespa have changed their hairstyles to prepare for their upcoming return, as shown in newest photos. 

On June 19th, aespa members attended the premier event for SMCU Worldview video Ep.2, which was held at the new SM headquarter in Seongsu. 

aespa winter giselle
aespa Winter previously adorned double pigtails at school music festival 
aespa winter
And her hair in the latest update 
aespa winter giselle
Winter and Giselle with their new hairstyle
aespa karina
aespa karina
The female idol iconic mirror selfie pose
aespa’s latest appearance

In addition, Karina dyed her previous purple hair into brown, while Giselle and Ningning also flaunted new looks with their hairs in burgundy and silver tones, respectively. 


Winter received ample positive feedback, with comments calling her “perfect” and saying that she’s “getting prettier”. 

As of the moment, aespa are preparing for their comeback with the second mini album “Girls”, which is scheduled for release on July 8th. 

Source: wikitree

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