Here is what BTS V whispered to Olivia Rodrigo at the Grammy Awards ceremony

BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung) unveiled the behind story of his “whispering performance ” with American singer Olivia Rodrigo.

BTS-Grammy 2022

BTS attended the 64th Grammy Awards held at MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas on April 4th as a nominee for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category and performed a spectacular stage with the song “Butter”.

Olivia Rodrigo-BTS V-Grammy 2022

On this day, BTS’s “Butter” performance began with the members infiltrating the audience. V looked deeply at Olivia Rodrigo and whispered in her ear. 

Olivia Rodrigo-BTS V-Grammy 2022

Olivia looked stunned when V whispered something to her. After that, V showed her a business card and flew it to the stage to end the “whisper performance”.

Olivia Rodrigo-BTS V-Grammy 2022

Their sexy “whispering” skit went viral and attracted great attention. On April 6th, a fan asked V about the intro of the performance through the fan community Weverse. 

Olivia Rodrigo-BTS V-Grammy 2022

To the fan’s question, “What did you whisper to Olivia Rodrigo?”, V answered, “I just said ‘important business’. We know each other really well.” 

Olivia Rodrigo-BTS V-Grammy 2022

V then added, “I didn’t even speak English. I didn’t say it in Korean either.” They didn’t say anything to each other, but they continued acting. At the same time, V described Olivia as a “hero” for how she nailed her facial expression.

The behind-the-scenes story of V and Olivia’s “flirting” skit have been shared on various online communities. Netizens who saw this left comments, “Both of them are pros,” “Looks like he really didn’t say anything,” “So her expression is all acting?” and “Their acting skills are amazing.”

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