Oh Yoon-ah confesses her stories as a single mother, “My son Min, I hope people see him without prejudice”

Actress Oh Yoon-ah showed affection for her son Min, who has a developmental disability.

Oh Yoon-ah released a Q&A video on her Youtube channel on October 13th. In the video, the actress answered several questions related to her daily life and fashion.

Oh Yoon-ah

Regarding the reason she opened a Youtube channel, Oh Yoon-ah explained, “I want to share my daily life with Min. Especially, Min doesn’t act like kids his age. I still do a lot of things that are unique to people with developmental disabilities. Through that, I hope you’ll be able to understand and it’d be nice if you recognized me naturally without prejudice”.

Oh Yoon-ah

Oh Yoon-ah, who is raising her son Min as a single mother, said, “It’s not easy to overcome every moment. It’s so hard for mothers who raise their own children”, adding “I feel like I have to take all the responsibility. I don’t think I can take responsibility for Min alone. But I’m just trying my best to do it”. She then advised other single mothers who are suffering a hard time to accept the reality and speak their mind frankly. 

Source: naver

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