The identity of the male rapper who tried to commit suicide using coal: A P.NATION’s artist, having sex in his teens and underage drinking?

Recently, the information that the 18-year-old male rapper who participated in 2 popular Korean rap music shows tried to commit suicide with coal caused a stir among netizens.  Accordingly, an 18-year-old rapper who has experience in both Korean hit shows, Show Me The Money and ‘High School Rapper’, is said to have attempted suicide on the morning of March 16, 2022. However, before things went too far, his roommate stopped him in time at 4:20 am (KST).

Although the identity of the male rapper is kept secret, below the post, many netizens speculate that this character is most likely rapper D.Ark. He is a talented young rapper who attracted attention when competing at Mnet’s famous rap show – Show Me The Money 777 in 2018. Despite being the youngest contestant at that time, D.Ark was praised thanks to his ability to rap in 3 languages: Korean, English, and Chinese.

Netizens speculated that the male rapper who tried to commit suicide was D.Ark

But at that time, D.Ark was accused of sexual assault by a fan who was also his 5 years older ex-girlfriend. Although it was later clarified that they were both voluntary, D.Ark‘s image had deteriorated a lot when it was revealed that he had sex in his teens.


After a period of hiatus, D.Ark participated in ‘Show Me The Money 9’ again but soon stopped in the team battle round. At the age of 17, D.Ark was introduced as the newest artist to join P-Nation, the company of PSY with other artists such as HyunA, Dawn, Jessi, Crush and Heize.


In September 2021, D.Ark continued to spark controversy because of a photo posted on his personal SNS. The photo shows beer glasses on the table, leading many to suspect that D.Ark was drinking alcohol when he was underage. Although soon after, D.Ark explained in another post that this photo included the staff’s drinks when they were eating out, he still came under criticism from netizens. 

D.Ark and the controversial photo

On November 12, P Nation made an official announcement that the company’s exclusive contract with D.Ark ended after about a year. D.Ark’s departure was rumored to be not simply because of the contract’s expiration. It is rare for any company to sign such a short-term contract with a young star like D.Ark, so his contract not being extended was suspected of being influenced by his underage drinking controversy.

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