“I Live Alone” is not so alone? Various dating news of cast members

The MBC reality show “I Live Alone” has gained a lot of love by capturing the daily lives of celebrities who live alone. 

Despite capturing the daily lives of celebrities who live alone, various cast members of reality TV program “I Live Alone” find themselves amidst dating and marriage news. Below are some prime examples.

Honey J

Dancer Honey J appeared on “I Live Alone” on November 5, 2021. Prior to that, she achieved success by winning the Mnet dance program “Street Woman Fighter”. In the episode of “I Live Alone” that aired at the time, Honey J’s appearance after winning was shown without filtering. After the awards ceremony, Honey J greeted the waiting fans and went home with a vacant expression. She also showed a deep impression by talking on the phone with her parents and becoming emotional. Since then, she has frequently appeared on “I Live Alone”, showcasing her charming transformation.

honey j

In September of last year, however, Honey J surprised everyone by announcing her marriage and pregnancy news through a long post on social media. During this process, she appeared on “I Live Alone”, revealing her wedding preparations and introducing her husband. Later in the same year, in November, she got married to her husband, who is one year younger, receiving congratulations from many fellow stars.

Code Kunst 

Rapper Code Kunst has been a fixed member of “I Live Alone” since January 7 of last year. When he first appeared, he revealed that he had been living alone for 10 years and surprised the show’s MCs. 


However, on May 4th, several dating media outlets reported that Code Kunst is in a five-year relationship with a beautiful non-celebrity woman who is one year older. The two reportedly became close through their shared interests in fashion and music.

Regarding this dating rumor, however, Code Kunst has not made any official statements, and his agency AOMG also stated, “We cannot reveal anything about the artist’s personal life.

Cha Seo Won

Actor Cha Seo Won first appeared on “I Live Alone” on May 20th of last year. At the time, he showcased a romantic and free-spirited image, living and dying for romance even in a cold house. He would later continue to attract popularity by frequently appearing on “I Live Alone” and pursuing romance.

cha seo won

Recently, Cha Seo Won formed a relationship and became lovers with fellow actress Uhm Hyun Kyung through the MBC drama “The Second Husband”. In particular, back on June 5th, the two agencies announced the couple’s promise to marry, as well as the news of pregnancy. As Cha Seo Won is currently serving in the military since his enlistment in November of last year, he and Hyun Kyung plan to hold the wedding ceremony after his discharge in May of next year.

Lee Jang Woo

lee jang woo

Lee Jang Woo, who has gained popularity through the reality show “I Live Alone”, officially admitted to dating actress Jo Hye Won, who is 8 years younger, on June 22nd. The two developed from senior-junior colleagues to lovers while filming the KBS2 weekend drama “My Only One”, which aired from August 2018 to March 2019. Although they were not dating during the series’ broadcast, they became a couple after it ended. 

Source: Wikitree

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