Suho, “EXO’s future? We’ll be together for a long time+Planning for next year’s album”

Suho talked about the future of the group EXO in his latest interview

Suho had an interview with Star News on October 4th at SM Entertainment.

During the interview, when asked “How are you going to work as the leader of EXO? What is the team’s future activity plan?”


Suho answered, “Since EXO is a multi-person group, I was the leader who led the members in their 20s. I think many people liked me when they saw me lead. At first, I didn’t like being a leader, but now it’s better for the members to follow me well because of the title “Leader. I’m satisfied because the title leader seems to have energy that can’t be ignored.”

He added, “I plan to continue to promote EXO with the members. The youngest members will also serve in the military and the discharged members will have their own dreams, but my opinion is that the EXO team should continue to work for a long time.”

The singer revealed, “We met yesterday and talked about our next album plans for next year. Usually, I want us to gather, but yesterday, Sehun asked us to gather.”

Source: starnewskorea

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