HYBE’s next rookie girl group New Jeans drops final debut MV for 3rd title track “Cookie” 

NewJeans, a 4th gen girl group led by Min Hee Jin, released the last MV for their debut album.

At 6 PM KST on August 1st, New Jeans released the last MV for their debut album “New Jeans” and the 3rd title track “Cookie”. Including “Cookie”, New Jeans has unveiled a total of 8 MVs as a promotion for their debut album, boasting a next-level scale.

The MV for “Cookie”, which uses outdoor stairs and benches as props on a simple background, gives off basic yet sophisticated vibes. In particular, this MV is designed to focus on the dance performance of New Jeans members, so viewers can feel a different kind of fun from the MVs that have been released so far. The combination of hip choreography and the cute lyrics of “Cookie” also create a unique atmosphere.


Through “Cookie”, New Jeans means to express their gratitude to the fans who have waited and supported their debut. The girls hope their first album will be like a sweet cookie-like gift for their fans. 


New Jeans’ debut album “New Jeans” contains a total of 4 songs including “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Cookie”, and “Hurt”, of which 3 tracks except “Hurt” are all title tracks. 


“Attention” is a song that honestly expresses the excitement that arouses when you fall in love with someone and say, “You got me looking for attention”. With four MVs, “Hype Boy” is a song that combines Moombahton and Electro Pop genres. The last and final title track “Cookie” is a dance pop genre song based on a minimal hip-hop beat. The only b-side “Hurt” is a track where listeners can properly appreciate the raw vocals of New Jeans’ members.

The debut album “New Jeans” will be released on August 8th.

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