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“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young, who resembles BTS Jungkook, faces attitude controversy

Kim Jin Young, the new cast member of “Single’s Inferno 2”, is already facing criticisms regarding his attitude. 

Episode 4 of the dating show “Single’s Inferno 2” got the audience all excited as it introduces the new participant Kim Jin Young. Alongside outstanding visuals that bear resemblances to BTS Jungkook, the newcomer also made a deep impression by showing off his strength and winning the tugging game against other male members. Meanwhile, many female participants also feel drawn to him, only for Kim Jin Young to face an “attitude controversy” soon after. 

kim jin young singles inferno
Kim Jin Young – the newcomer of “Single’s Inferno 2”

In particular, when 2 female participants arrived to have a meal with Kim Jin Young, he didn’t even bother to get up and greet them. Choi Seo Eun even commented on his cold expression, to which Kim Jin Young explained that he felt shy while interacting with strangers. 

kim jin young singles inferno
Kim Jin Young didn’t get up when female members arrived 
His stone-cold attitude make the atmosphere super awkward 

Despite his cold demeanor, Kim Jin Young was still selected to go to “paradise island” by one of the most pursued female participants, Shin Seul Ki. However, as the couple departed, he drew criticisms for not lending Seul Ki a hand and letting her carry bags on her own. Even the judging panel found such an action questionable and said that Jin Young lacked gallantry. 

kim jin young singles inferno
Kim Jin Young did not offer to hold the bag for Shin Seul Ki
singles inferno
Even the judging panel expressed surprise at Kim Jin Young’s action 

Below are some comments from netizens after the broadcast of the latest episode with Kim Jin Young: 

  • The newcomer looks so handsome, but I can’t stand how he act towards Shin Seul Ki
  • He was invited to “paradise island” by Shin Seul Ki and yet he behaved like that…
  • His face is the only redeeming quality… I wonder if Seul Ki felt disappointed 

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