“The Glory” Son Myeong Oh not killed by Park Yeon Jin? Speculations of the true culprit emerged

Various speculations have been raised about the person who killed Son  Myeong Oh in “The Glory”, and many people are showing interest.

The love of viewers for Netflix’s “The Glory” is hotter than ever. Since season 2 has not yet been released, many people are anxiously waiting for the ending of the drama.

The Glory

There are still many unresolved questions, especially surrounding the death of Son Myeong Oh (played by Kim Gun Woo) at the end of “The Glory” season 1, leading to many speculations. 

In episode 6 of “The Glory”, a scene where the missing Son Myeong Oh met his death at “Siesta”, a store run by Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), was revealed.

The Glory

Regarding this, on January 7th, YouTuber “Minhoaurs” posted a video titled “The culprit of Son  Myeong Oh’s case is Kim OO, not Park Yeon Jin” on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Minhoaurs claimed that the culprit who killed Son Myeong Oh would be Kim Kyung Ran (played by Ahn So Yo).

The Glory

Kim Kyung Ran was the next target of cruel school violence after Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye kyo) dropped out. Even after becoming an adult, she works at a luxury select shop run by Jeon Jae Joon and remains by those who bullied her.

Minhoaurs guessed that Kim Kyung Ran was working at Siesta to get revenge on the school bullies.

Before leaving for Russia, Son Myeong Oh, who was going to visit Siesta to buy luxury goods, must have said goodbye to Kim Kyung Ran, who was working at the store.

The Glory

Minhoaurs speculated that Kim Kyung Ran discovered Son Myeong Oh’s plan to leave for Russia, and hurriedly committed an unplanned murder in fear of missing the opportunity to take revenge forever.

He added that Kim Kyung ran is also the person who can dispose of the body of Son Myeong Oh, who was killed in Siesta, the fastest.

In addition, the scene where a woman wearing green shoes that look identical to Park Yeon Jin’s passes by after Son Myeong Oh’s death is also a major evidence to find the murderer.

The Glory

In the drama, Park Yeon Jin kept wearing a band-aid on her foot, but the woman’s foot in question was clean. According to Minhoaurs, this detail suggested that Park Yeon Jin was never the one who killed Son Myeong Oh.

Netizens who heard his opinion responded in various ways, going from “It’s really plausible” to “I think Park Yeon Jin killed him and Kim Kyung Ran could have helped.”

Source: Insight

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