Kim Hieora apologizes and reassures fans after denying school violence & iljin rumors

Actress Kim Hieora revealed her position on the school violence rumors surrounding her

On September 6th, Kim Hieora made a post on her Instagram account, saying “I’m sorry for worrying everyone with the news today”.

She continued, “I’m trying to face everything that is happening in an honest and calm way while making a sincere confession”, adding “Once again, I apologize to people who have supported and trusted me and those who have been hurt by me even at this moment.”

The actress added, “I know that many people believe in me, so I will deal with this situation sincerely without telling any lies. Please keep watching me.”

Earlier on the same day, Dispatch reported that Kim Hieora used to be a member of the iljin gang “Big Sangji” in middle school. Accordingly, Big Sangji used abusive language, assaulted other friends, and extorted their money.

Kim Hieora bullying

Amid the controversy, Kim Hieora agency’s Gram Entertainment clarified misunderstandings, saying the actress joined Big Sangji, which was a web cafe created by her friends in middle school, and hung out with them. However, unlike the media reports, Big Sangji was not a bully or iljin gang, but a group of ordinary students. 

The agency also emphasized that Kim Hieora never engaged in school violence acts.

Kim Hieora bullying scandal

According to the agency, the school violence informants already solved misunderstandings about Kim Hieora and apologized to the actress. They stated, “Unfortunately, the media published speculative articles based on unverified claims. Kim Hieora has never been an iljin or participated in activities of the iljins”, adding “We will take strong legal action against malicious and defamation posts that damage the actress’s reputation”.

Source: Insight

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