Kim Hieora’s Agency Denies Her Involvement in School Violence and Announces Legal Action

Kim Hieora’s agency has indicated a legal response while denying allegations of school violence.

On September 6th, Kim Hieora‘s agency said through an official statement, “We want to honestly address the circumstances surrounding the reports about actress Kim Hieora and the allegations of school violence raised by the media (Dispatch’s report).”

Firstly, the agency acknowledged that Kim Hieora joined a group named ‘Big Sangji,’ which was created by friends during her time at Sangji Girls’ Middle School, and socialized with the group’s members.

Kim Hieora bullying

However, they argued that all the allegations and content raised by the media outside of this fact are not true.

Previously, Dispatch reported that Kim Hieora was a member of ‘Big Sangji,‘ a group of students known for their delinquent activities. The media quoted multiple former students saying that Kim Hieora had asked them to buy cigarettes and took money from them.

Nevertheless, the agency said, “Contrary to the sensationalist headline of the article, Kim Hieora has never acknowledged or engaged in delinquent activities.” 

They also emphasized that she had never been involved in school violence and clarified, “These are all points that actress Kim Hieora talked about in her interviews with the media.”

Kim Hieora bullying scandal

According to the agency, informants have since clarified misunderstandings about Kim Hieora and even apologized. Therefore, the agency initially believed that the matter would be resolved as an unfortunate incident. 

However, they expressed regret that the media has published speculative articles based on numerous informants’ claims.

They added, “Big Sangji was not a delinquent gang, and many ordinary students were also members. We will provide a more detailed response to this aspect in the future.”

Finally, they appealed for an end to reckless speculation and the spread of false information, “We emphasize that we will strongly take legal action against malicious acts that damage the honor of Kim Hieora.”

On the same day, Kim Hieora herself posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram.

Kim Hieora said, “I may not have been a model student who followed my parents’ and teachers’ advice, but I did not maliciously, continuously, or intentionally torment the weak, as portrayed in the article.” 

She added, “I may be lacking, but I have never caused intentional harm to anyone. However, if anyone has been hurt by me, even in a moment I can’t recall, I sincerely apologize.”

Source: Insight. 

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