The fandom of a Kpop girl group was accused of fraud by the Seoul Music Awards

A Kpop girl group fandom has been accused of cheating at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards.

The organizers of Seoul Music Awards post a warning against a fandom, all doubts are on GFriend

On the afternoon of December 16, the organizers of the Seoul Music Awards 2020 (SMA 2020) suddenly released a statement about fraudulent voting that might have taken place..  Accordingly, the organizers discovered that there are a lot of ‘virtual’ accounts that were used to vote for artist ‘G’ fandom, so they will subtract part of this artist’s vote in two categories of voting for ‘Main’ and the ‘Legend Rookie Prize’.

Fandom Gfriend1

Here is the full text of the SMA 2020 announcement about this case:

‘SMA Committee has been monitoring voting records since the service was opened.

Today, we detected some abnormal voting activity in a specific artist.

As a result of monitoring voting records in each category between 14th Dec 2020 and 15th Dec 2020, We captured the situation, which is used illegal software to make 6,553 fake accounts, including ******-*****eex, through using macro generate voting tickets to participate in voting.

The details are as follows:

– Time of occurrence: After 21:21 on December 13

– Artist : G*********

– Number of votes to be deleted: 116,540 votes on Main, 71,380 votes on Legend Rookie Prize

The above issue is an unusual voting case. All identified quantities as abnormal votes will be deleted on 17th Dec 2020 midnight for 30 minutes, and all accounts used for abnormal voting have been forced withdrawn.

Also, we’ve already inspected all other award categories, didn’t find out the extra illegal case.

There will be legal action in the case of vote-rigging, such as using macros and illegal programs.

The Seoul Music Awards are making every effort not to harm the fairness of the vote.

For maintaining a clean voting culture without compromising the meaning of the awards for the stars, please cooperate and participate in SMA.

Thank you.

Seoul Music Awards Committee’

Fandom Gfriend1

Although the artist’s name is written as G ********* many netizens quickly realize it is GFRIEND.  In fact, the name of the group is not 10 characters as the organizers abbreviated.  At that time, some people thought that the organizers could refer to another artist ‘GU BON SEUNG’, but this artist was not nominated for the ‘Main’ award.

As such, there is a high possibility that BTC intentionally wrote 10 characters of the full name ‘GIRLFRIEND’ (10 characters) to imply GFRIEND.  This is also the nominated group in both categories as the announcement mentioned.  Furthermore, it was true that at midnight, the group’s votes were deducted more than 100,000 votes.  GFRIEND was at the top of the ‘Main’ award, and suddenly dropped to 7th place.

Fandom Gfriend1

GFriend’s fans was outraged by suspicion of being ‘dirty played’ by SMA

SMA’s announcement immediately caused GFRIEND’s fandom Buddy to ‘go crazy’.  Accordingly, they pointed out that it is very likely that the fandom and the group were dirty played by SMA because they have recently repeatedly complained about the treatment of the awards ceremony organizers with the Source Music girl group.

First, recently, GFRIEND fandom continuously complained about why the girls were excluded from the vote ‘WhosFandom Award’ (the candidate will be selected according to the most retweets).  According to the evidence that fans give, the group is not only disqualified even if they meet the criteria, but also has been suddenly deduced by 5,000 retweets.

Fandom Gfriend1

Secondly, many Buddy also reiterated that GFRIEND was not named in the Top 12 artists who won Bonsang of SMA 2019, although their conversion points were second and even led the voting results.  From these two stories, fans said that the organizers did not give a clear explanation, but now announced that GFRIEND fandom was cheating votes.  This makes Buddy think that they have been dirty played, some even find evidence that the 2020 SMA announcement has a lot of irrationalities.

Are they really victims or have they cheated?

Many other fans also pointed out that GFRIEND’s votes in the past few days really increased abnormally, once jumped from 7th to 4th place, then 1st place. Only after being filtered by SMA 2020,  GFRIEND’s votes for the ‘Main’ award fell from 1st place to 7th place very quickly.

Fandom Gfriend5
Fandom Gfriend6
Fandom Gfriend6
Fandom Gfriend6

Many Kpop fans commented: ‘What happened, they must have cheated’, ‘Just because GFRIEND lost Bonsang last year, this year the fandom can cheat?’, ‘GFRIEND suddenly jumped to 1st place, surpassed both NCT 127 and KANG DANIEL, it is suspicious! ‘,’ If you cheat, you have to accept vote deduction, don’t cheat and blame like that’…

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