YGX embroiled in “NewJeans mockery” controversy, even Lee Jung is dragged into the mess

Amid growing public criticism that dancer Park Hyun Se mocked girl group NewJeans, his affiliated dance crew YGX also received ire

Recently, a video which shows several male dancers from “Street Man Fighter”, including Park Hyun Se and Rico, dancing to the choreography of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy”, started to draw attention on Korean online communities. 

However, instead of just covering the dance, dancers in the video continuously make funny expressions and mocking movements, making viewers frown while watching. In addition, the video was also posted with the caption “NewJjinddaseu (Jjindda: loser) debut failure”, causing netizens to think that they are mocking NewJeans

Later on, Park Hyun Se and Rico apologized and explained that they did not intend to mock NewJeans through their personal Instagram, but negative public opinion is not easily subsided. 

Furthermore, as Park Hyun Se used to assist dance crew YGX in “Street Woman Fighter”, and show mutual respect and teamwork with members of the crew, netizens’ disappointment has spread to YGX as well.

As a result, famous dancer and choreographer Lee Jung, who has previously revealed her closeness with Park Hyun Se via Instagram, is also summoned and dragged into the controversy, while her fans express regrets. 

Source: daum

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