“Reborn Rich” actress Park Ji Hyun flaunted her innocent beauty

Actress Park Ji Hyun, who played Song Joong Ki’s sister-in-law, exuded innocence and grace that resembled a fairy in a new photoshoot. 

On December 13th, Park Ji Hyun released several photos of her current situation without any caption.

park ji hyun instagram

In particular, the photos show Park Ji Hyun wearing a light blue off-shoulder dress and a tiara on her head, at the same time showing off her elegant figure. In a mirror selfie, the actress flaunted her side profile with high nose and sharp jawline, as well as a beautiful collarbone line that makes her resemble a doll. In addition, her slender figure and tiny waist line can be seen, drawing admiration. 

park ji hyun instagram

Overall, Park Ji Hyun looks fairy-like and innocent in these new photos – a complete contrast to her intense and mature image as the sister-in-law of Song Joong Ki in “Reborn Rich”. 

Seeing the photos, fellow celebrities also could not hold back praise for Park Ji Hyun, and left comments such as, “Are you a fairy?” and “As expected”. A media outlet even said, “Your clothes today are also pretty”. 

park ji hyun instagram

On the other hand, Park Ji Hyun is receiving love from viewers for her role as Mo Hyun Min in the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”. In the series, Mo Hyun Min is the wife of Jin Seong Jun (Kim Nam Hee) and the sister-in-law of male lead Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki). 

park ji hyun instagram

Source: Daum 

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