The “complicated” relationships between Kpop idols and parents 

Some Kpop idols actually have interesting relationships with… the parents of other Kpop idols

Netizens are always paying close attention to the relationships between Kpop idols and parents. However, there are many interesting cases where some idols are clothes to the parents of group mates or even someone completely unrelated. 

Minnie’s mother and Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

Minnie and Yuqi are foreign members of (G)I-DLE, and so are extremely close. However, even more surprising is that Minnie’s mother is really fond of Yuqi, even making the Chinese member her lock screen instead of her own daughter. There are many cases where Minnie is “ignored” by her own mother as she coddled Yuqi. 

ITZY Yeji’s father and WINNER Mino 

Yeji and Mino have an extremely strange relationship, as Mino is Yeji’s dad’s friend’s wife’s nephew. This leads to the two actually knowing each other even before ITZY’s debut. 

In the TV program “Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated”, Mino revealed that he once dined with Yeji’s family at his aunt’s house, and even gave her advice when he heard of her dream to become an idol.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s father and Super Junior Heechul

It is surprising to learn that the father of BLACKPINK Jisoo is a long-term friend with Super Junior Heechul. In the TV program “20th Century Hit Song”, Heechul even recounted his experience of attending Jisoo’s sister’s wedding, where he said, “I actually went to the wedding of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s older sister. The fun thing is, I don’t know Jisoo and have never met her sister. I only see her from afar at the wedding, but I have been close to Jisoo’s father for a long time.”

BLACKPINK Jennie’s mother and actor Lee Jung Jae 

According to Jennie, she’s named after a character played by famous actor Lee Jung Jae. In particular, when she was young, Jennie’s mother was extremely into the K-drama “Sandglass”, where Lee Jung Jae assumed the role of Jae Hee. She was planning on naming her son Jae Hee, but instead had a daughter, and so decided to transform Jae Hee into “Jennie” for a more feminine touch.

Jungkook’s mother and Jimin (BTS)

Many fans joked that Jungkook is “adopted”, seeing that his mother seems to be more fond of his groupmate, Jimin. In particular, when BTS members had to call their parents on a show, Jungkook phoned his mother and pranked her about taking his lover home. Almost immediately, Jungkook’s mother asked if it’s Jimin he’s taking home, and even told Jungkook to leave if it’s not Jimin.

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