Taeyeon’s third full-length album “INVU”: 13 well-made songs with colorful love stories

“Trustworthy Vocal Queen” Girls’ Generation Taeyeon heralded a rich musical color with her third full-length album “INVU”.

Taeyeon’s third full-length album “INVU” is set to drop through online music streaming platforms at 6 PM on Feb 14th and physical record stores on the same day.

snsd taeyeon

Aside from the title track “INVU“, this album includes “Some Nights”, “Set Myself On Fire”, “Toddler”, “Siren”, “Cold As Hell”, “Timeless”, “Heart”, “No Love Again”, “You Better Not” and “Ending Credits”. These songs are of various genres such as ballad, dance, pop that sing about “love” – the most instinctive and complex emotion of humans.

snsd taeyeon

In addition, the pre-released song “Can’t Control Myself” that Taeyeon participated in writing lyrics for and “Weekend“, which topped digital charts after being released in July last year, are also expected to receive enthusiastic responses from music listeners.

The exhibition “INVU: THE EXHIBIT” commemorating the release of Taeyeon’s third full-length album will be held until Feb 14th at the Gallery Cafe Punto Blu in Seongsudong, Seoul.

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