tvN under fire for allegedly using Oh My Girl’s Arin to gain publicity for new drama “Resurrection”

Where is Arin on the promotional poster introducing the cast line up of tvN’s “Resurrection”? 

On March 3, tvN posted an article promoting the upcoming drama “Resurrection“. However, fans have quickly noticed Oh My Girl’s Arin was not included in the poster introducing both the main and supporting characters. This came as a surprise because previously, tvN was constantly using Arin’s name to promote the drama as if she was playing one of the main leads. 

Arin’s fans and Korean netizens are furious at tvN because of this. It is still not sure whether Arin’s role in the drama has been removed or her role was too minor to be included in the promotional poster, but tvN is facing criticism for using Arin’s popularity for attention. Many netizens even call this a “cheap” publicity gimmick. 

Comments from Korean netizens:

  • What is this? I’m not a fan of Arin but I’m shocked too. tvN used Hwang Min Hyun and Arin’s name to promote the drama from the start. 
  • Maybe during filming, her screen time was cut down. Let’s wait.
  • Originally Arin was listed as if she were one of the leads, but after the official promotions started, they changed the order of the cast lineup. 
  • When the drama was first announced, Arin was even hated for starring as the lead, now what???
  • Arin is not the main character?
  • Such a cheap move, they kept acting like Arin was the female lead and causing her to receive a lot of hate, and now they’re excluding her from the official promotions.
  • At this rate, I feel like Arin isn’t even a supporting character.
  • What… Isn’t Arin the female lead of this drama??? This is 100% a mistake of tvN.
Oh My Girl Arin

Prior to this incident, the production crew of “Resurrection” also came under controversy over replacing Park Hye Eun with a more popular actress, Jung So Min, for the female lead. There were many rumors surrounding this decision. Netizens suspected the crew was afraid rookie Park Hye Eun is not popular enough to lead the drama, or that her acting was lacking so she got re-cast. 

Park Hye Eun and Jung So Min
Park Hye Eun and Jung So Min
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