The cast of “My Lovely Sam Soon” are all returning with projects in 2022: is Hyun Bin doing the best

From Hyun Bin to Daniel Henney, the cast of “My Lovely Sam Soon” will greet the screen after 17 years with their respective works. 

When it comes to the most legendary K-drama during the 2000s, then the MBC series “My Lovely Sam Soon” is the unrivaled champion. The drama enjoyed great popularity with viewership rating surpassing 49.1%, eventually winning the Grand Prize Daesang at the 2006 Baeksang Arts Awards. 

my lovely sam soon

Now, 17 years after the 1st episode of “My Lovely Sam Soon”, four major cast members have all made their return to the Korean screen. In fact, all of these actors and actresses have since become well-recognized names that have their own leading roles. 

Kim Sun Ah 

kim sun ah

“My Lovely Sam Soon” is Kim Sun Ah’s breakthrough role, seeing that after this series, everyone has heard of the actress’ name.  Across her acting career, the actress earned 2 Grand Prize Daesang, and one of them is thanks to this insanely successful work. Now, in 2022, Kim Sun Ah has returned with the JTBC’s female-centric series “The Empire”. 

kim sun ah

“The Empire” will be aired during the weekends, and is considered a major project of broadcast station JTBC. In this series, Kim Sun Ah transforms into a talented, powerful, and ambitious prosecutor, and promises a stunning performance. While the series did not start with high viewership ratings compared to other competitors, it is held in high regard by viewers, raising expectations for future performance. 

kim sun ah

Hopefully, Kim Sun Ah will be able to repeat the glory she once brought to JTBC via the 2017 drama “The Lady in Dignity”. 

Hyun Bin & Daniel Henney 

hyun bin daniel henney

Hyun Bin, who played the male lead in “My Lovely Sam Soon”, and Daniel Henney, who played the second male lead, have recently reunited in the cinematic project “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. Unlike in “My Lovely Sam Soon”, however, they are partners who collaborate to catch a highly wanted criminal. While Daniel Henney has less screen time than Hyun Bin in “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, the two’s chemistry is still impressive, and both boasts strong images with their masculine and alluring visuals. 

confidential assignment 2

17 years ago, “My Lovely Samsoon” was a hit on the small screen, and 17 years later, Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney once again teamed up in a successful work. This time, it is “Confidential Assignment 2: International” on the big screen. Currently, “Confidential Assignment 2: International” has earned more than 40,558 million USD in ticket sales with about 5.61 million admissions. It has become the 3rd best-selling movie this year in Korean cinemas.

confidential assignment 2

Jung Ryeo Won

jung ryeo won

Joining the trend of legal K-dramas in 2022, Jung Ryeo Won, who played the second female lead in “My Lovely Samsoon”, is appearing in Disney+ new series “May It Please The Court” as the main character. Jung Ryeo Won plays an attorney with a high rate of winning at a top law firm. She is set to make partner, but due to an issue that arose in one of her cases, she ends up working as a public defender. 

In addition to “May It Please The Court”, this year, Jung Ryeo Won also starred in the movie “Woman In A White Car” which premiered at the 2022 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. It has been a productive year so far for the 41-year-old actress. 

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