The amazing amount of outfits in solo MVs of female Kpop idols

Aside from the melody and lyrics, one of the most appealing aspects of K-pop music videos is the outfit. As a result, Kpop idols frequently actually invest in outfits in order to appear attractive and perfect. Now, let’s take into account how many different outfits female idols wear in their solo MVs.

The female idols dressed up beautifully in their MVs.

Nayeon (TWICE)

TWICE Nayeon

Album IM NAYEON and title track POP! was officially released by Nayeon on June 24, quickly attracting attention. In addition to the catchy melody and fresh image, fans are also attracted by the attractive visual of the female idol.

twice nayeon pop
The female idol used a lot of outfits for her first solo MV

Throughout her first solo MV, Nayeon wore 18 different outfits. The female idol’s outfits are mostly bright colors with flattering designs that are appropriate for the hot summer weather.

twice nayeon pop
Nayeon’s outfits in POP! are all colorful 


Debuting as a solo artist in 2018, Jennie rocked the music industry with the hit SOLO. In addition to the addictive trendy melody, the BLACKPINK member also made fans crazy with her beautiful costumes. Jennie used 22 outfits for the MV which is nearly 3 minutes long.

jennie outfits
The female idol tried many styles in the MV SOLO.

As a fashion icon, Jennie carefully invested in her outfits and hairstyles. Many outfits worn by female idols in their first solo MV then became a trend.

jennie outfits
Jennie’s visuals are doubled thanks to the cool outfits
jennie outfits
4 years have passed, but the female rapper’s outfits still amaze netizens.


The release of the MV LALISA marked a golden milestone in Lisa‘s career. The female idol overwhelmed netizens with her first solo product. Besides the catchy music and beautiful visuals, Lisa’s outfits in the MV also amazed netizens.

lisa lalisa
The female idol well dressed up in the solo MV.

Lisa wore 13 different outfits in her first solo music video. All of the outfits are well-matched, highlighting the unique personality of BLACKPINK’s youngest member. Notably, Lisa’s appearance in a dress inspired by Thai traditional costumes was a highlight for the MV.

Lisa looked powerful in the outfit
The costumes are all expensive


As the 2nd member of BLACKPINK to go solo, Rosé used 10 outfits for the MV “On The Ground”.

rose outfits
“The Australian rose” looked beautiful and attractive in the MV.

Rosé inherently possesses a beautiful body and face, so she easily wears all different styles of outfits. The costumes that she wore were all elaborately and meticulously designed.

rose outfits
The female idol is as beautiful as a princess.
rose outfits
Pretty Rosé in a beautiful outfit


Returning with the MV for the song ‘Celebrity’ in 2021, IU amazed fans when wearing 11 different outfits.

iu outfits
The outfits that the female idol wore were all extremely beautiful.

IU looks radiant in the image of a haughty, a gentle princess to a young, dynamic girl. Notably, the stylist was extremely talented when it came to using accessories and doing hair, making IU look even more stunning.

iu outfits
The gorgeous outfits accentuated IU’s aura even more.
iu outfits
IU looked so cool in an outfit
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