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Taeyeon Tries NewJeans Makeup & Style, ‘Amazing Saturday’ Cast “This Is Unfair”

Nữ diễn viên Kim Soo Hyun

The broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday” on November 25th featured the guest appearance of Swings and Crush.

To welcome the two representative hip-hop singers, “Amazing Saturday” members were dressed up to match the theme “I’m Hip and you’re Hop”.


Taeyeon introduced herself, saying “NewJeans’s cool hiphop style”. The female singer showcased her youthful beauty with NewJeans makeup and styling.

Seeing Taeyeon’s visual, MC Boom shouted, “Success”. However, the cast members protested. Nucksal commented, “She looks like a gangster”. Key said, “This is so unfair”, etc.

Hearing that, Taeyeon explained, “The details are very important”.

Source: Nate

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