T-ara’s Areum Revealed More Details Of Her Ex-Husband’s Child Abuse After Shocking Instagram Post

Areum, a former member of the girl group T-ara, claimed her ex-husband abused their children.

Areum said in a phone call with OSEN on March 3rd, “I am taking necessary measures and preparing a complaint against my ex-husband for abusing the children.

Areum added, “The older child came to me first and talked about it. I was surprised, but I thought it was just a child’s words. But he talked about it over and over again, and his speaking improved, so he spoke vividly of the situation and his feelings at that time. He said he was particularly shocked. According to the child, his father threw our 1-year-old second child into the bed even though he was crying and throwing tantrum, and he also pushed the child’s head out of the door when he was noisy.


What was more shocking was when they went to the swimming pool. Given that he abused them at home, I don’t think he would do it in the swimming pool, but he urinated in my child’s face,” she said. She said he also pooped on the older one. “It wasn’t just a dad disciplining his child. It was like sitting on the sidelines and neglecting the children who always follow what he says.

Regarding her giving up custody when she filed for the divorce earlier, Areum said, “I hope you (OSEN’s reporter) can correct this part. I wanted to get a divorce as soon as possible. Because there were things I wanted to bring along with my child next. I said I would give temporary custody to him so I could get a divorce quickly, but my ex-husband changed his words. It looked that I gave up custody as the fact that I gave only gave him temporary custody was mis-reported, but the news was not true at all,” she explained. “I found out that my children were abused on the day of the negotiations, and I took legal action immediately and now I am their guardian.

Areum added, “Everyone says I abandoned my children to be with a new love, but that’s never happened. After sending my children away, I spent every day crying. When I heard that he was abusing my children, I really wanted to die.

In particular, Areum said, “When I was married to my ex-husband, I was in charge of discipline of the children. I believed that if the father was involved in their discipline a lot, they could not grow up well. But they always screamed whenever I was busy and my ex-husband took care of them.

Areum is receiving a lot of support and help from the person she is currently dating. She shared, “After posting about child abuse, I didn’t hear from my ex-husband. Even during the divorce proceedings, our conversations were exchanged through lawyers. I think I will continue to fight with divorce lawsuits and child abuse in the future, but I will deal with it well through the evidence I have.

Areum caused a stir on March 2nd by claiming that her ex-husband abused her children on social media. Areum married her ex-husband in 2019 and has two sons, but she announced her divorce in December last year and plans to remarry with her new boyfriend.

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